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The Martello Course at Felixstowe Ferry is the fifth oldest in England having been established in 1880. 18 holes 6422 yards Par 72, right next to the sea with fabulous views over the East Anglian coast and Deben Estuary.  The course is gently undulating with testing borrows on the greens.

A popular destination for visitors and golf societies.


Guide to the Martello Course

1st – Par 4 – 428 yards
The first hole provides a challenging opening hole.  Most golfers favour the right side of the fairway because of the road, but a left of centre drive, opens the approach to the green. Beware of the bunker on the left guarding the green.

2nd – Par 5 – 546 yards
From the Medal tee the driving line is on the green shelter, from the yellow tee it is just left of the right hand bunker.

3rd – Par 4 – 305 yards
Placing the drive to the right allows an easier approach to the green.  A deep bunker guards the left of the plateau green.  This should be a birdie chance.

4th – Par 4 – 328 yards
A dog leg left.  The large bunker 200 yards from the tee is the “Tiger” line.  If you want to take the safer line, play to the right of the bunker.  Depending on the direction of the wind, a driver may not be the best choice here.  Beware of the subtle borrows on the green.  Another birdie chance.

5th – Par 3 – 136 yards
Felixstowe Ferry’s “postage stamp”.  With a cross wind blowing, this green can be tricky to hit.

6th – Par 4 – 449 yards
This hole is a dog leg right and the driving line is to the right of the green shelter.  Depending on the wind, the second shot can be anything from a medium iron to a three wood.

7th – Par 5 – 491 yards
Be aware of the hidden water on the left from the Tee which also meanders across the fairway at approximately 150 yards from the green and along the right hand side of the fairway almost to the green.

8th – Par 5 – 538 yards
From the Medal tee the driving line is the Martello Tower and from the yellow tee the line is midway between the bunkers.  A generous fairway awaits but water guards the green on either side.  An interesting plateau green.

9th – Par 3 – 160 yards
The green is well guarded by bunkers.  Against the wind this often plays one more club than you think.

10th – Par 5 – 487 yards
There is water to contend with on the left all the way to the green.

11th – Par 4 – 364 yards
The Driver is not always the best choice as there is out of bounds left and right all the way to the green. A birdie chance for the straight hitter.

12th – Par 3 – 144 yards
Across the road to a green higher than the tee, with out of bounds behind the green.  Most golfers under club.

13th – Par 4 – 336 yards
Better straight from the tee than long. A testing green to keep the ball on with the second shot.  Your problems are not over as the green has a severe slope from the rear to the front. Play it well and it is a birdie opportunity.

14th – Par 4 – 365 yards
A drive down the right opens up the green for the second shot.  Be aware of the hidden ground between the twin bunkers guarding the green.  Several club difference from front of the green to the rear.  (Hawtree design)

15th – Par 4 – 379 yards
Well placed bunkers on either side of the fairway are ready to catch wayward drives.  A bunker awaits shots to the right of the green and a grassy hollow guards the left of the saddle design. (Hawtree design)

16th – Par 3 – 204 yards
Depending on the wind, this Par 3 requires a well hit medium to long iron.  A bunker awaits wayward shots to the right of the green.

17th – Par 4 – 444 yards
Many claim the best par 4 on the course if not in the County.  The second shot is anything from a 3 wood to an 8 iron depending on the direction of the wind.  Large undulating (St. Andrew’s type) green.

18th – Par 4 – 324 yards
A straight drive sets up a birdie chance.  When selecting the club for your second shot, take notice whether the pin is above or below the ridge on the green.

Welcome refreshments in the Clubhouse await.

All distances above are measured from the black tees. The Martello Course is a par 72 with a SSS 71.


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