Visitors - Useful Information


Martello Course

The course is open on Mondays after 10.00 am, after 9.00 am on other weekdays with the exception of Thursday mornings and after 2.30 pm at the weekend and on Bank Holidays. 

Handicaps and the usual golf attire are required and normal dress standards also apply in the Clubhouse.


Kingsfleet Course

The course is open to Visitors 7 days a week.  

Handicap Certificates are not required, but as this is a full length 9 hole course (3,000 yards) some previous golfing experience is advisable. 


Dress Code

Golfers must be dressed in customary golf wear or similar appropriate smart casual clothing.

Golf shoes must always be worn when playing the Martello course.

Trainers or other flat shoes may be worn on the Kingsfleet course and the practice areas, but golfers must be aware of and accept the risk of slipping and/or loss of footing. Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club Ltd. will accept no responsibility for accident or injury caused, or contributed to, by the lack of proper golfing footwear.

The Company Secretary, Course Ranger or any elected member of the Captain’s Committee may require any person considered to be inappropriately dressed either to change or to leave the course or practice area.


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