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Full membership £495.00
Full membership in first year £400.00
Flexible membership
This new rate includes £20.00 for affiliation fees. £7.50 Is paid for each round of golf played.
Age related rates  
Juniors under the age of 13 FREE
Juniors between 13 and 18 £70.00
Full time students (18 to 21 years) £150.00
Full time work (18 to 21 years) £175.00
21 to 25 years £260.00
26 to 35 years £325.00
Second club membership £270.00
3 month trial membership £120.00




Sutton Bridge Golf Club is offering full membership benefits to all golfers who are already members of an affiliated golf club but who would like to take up membership of Sutton Bridge as their `Second Club’.

The annual subscription for such a membership has been pitched at 50% of the club’s full subscription which is £520.00 at present. The cost for the year would therefore be £260.00

The only condition for this membership class is the the applicant is a member of a golf club affiliated to their local county association as well as the national golfing body.

Anyone interested in taking out such a membership should contact the Hon. Secretary, Norman Davis on 01945 582447 or by e-mail at



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