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CLACTON GOLF CLUB Monday 23 September 2019

1st – Richard Berry Jr: 37Pts
2nd – Boyd Weaver: 36Pts
3rd – Tom Crouch: 35Pts 
1st – David Bicknell: 43Pts
CJ Small Trophy (Past National Chairmen):
Winner: Phil Beer: 33Pts
Nearest the Pins:
7th Hole: Ian Duncan
17th Hole: David Sutton

Tom Crouch: 2nd Hole
Mike Verhelst: 5th Hole
Richard Berry Jr: 7th Hole


NEC Meeting, Blackwell GC, Monday 19th August 2019

J&B Trophy:

1st – Owain Hoskins         39 Pts
2nd – Paul Leary               36 Pts
3rd – Mike Wiseman        34 Pts

1st – Ray Hamilton           43 Pts
2nd – Matthew Langman  40 Pts

Teachers Stewards Championship:
Winning Team – Midlands   108 Pts
Owain Hoskins, Steve Arnold, Paul Leary, Dave Guest

Hole  6 – Mike Wiseman
Hole  9 – Wayne Marsden
Hole  6 – John Billing
Hole  9 – Matthew Langman
Hole  9 – Richard Berry Jr   

Nearest the Pins:
Hole   9 – Richard Berry Jr
Hole   13 – Ray Hamilton




Monday 9th July 2019 – Peterborough Milton Golf Club



National Chairman's Day

Peterborough Milton Golf Club

9th July 2019

2s Competition


2s Competition





Ben Baker

Dave Guest







Pete Francis

Kevin Fletcher







Mike Triplett







Nearest to the Pins




Hole No 2

Dave Guest


PM Round

Hole No 9

Paul Leary


PM Round

Hole No 11

Pete Francis

PM Round

Hole No 16

Dave Bicknell


PM Round

Hole No 13 **

Richard Berry Jr

PM Round

** Nearest to Pin in 3

The Laurent Perrier Trophy      Greensome Medal




Dave Bicknell & Charlie Joseph


34.81 pts


Boyd Weaver & Angelo Rodriguez **


35.12 pts

** Trophy Winners


Mike Triplett & Kevin Black


36.69 pts

The Chairman's Millennium Trophy

   Stewards only Individual Stableford


Mike Triplett





** Trophy Winner
on C/B


Paul Leary






Kingsley Pullen












The Coronation Cup





John Billing & Geoff Dyson



** Trophy Winners


Paul Leary & Dave Guest




Dave Bicknell & Charlie Joseph






Result Sheet For:
The Moet & Chandon Plate
The Lord Rosslyn Trophy

2s Competition
Tim Pearson
Peter Brain
Don Hacker

Nearest the Pins
Hole No 9: Andy Shaw
Hole No 16: Paul Leary

The Lord Rosslyn Trophy (Full Handicap)

Best Guest
Peter Brain – 35pts

1st Keith Cadman -39pts
2nd Richard Berry Snr – 35pts (Lord Rosslyn Trophy winner)
3rd Richard Berry Jnr – 34pts

The Moet & Chandon Plate (9/10 Handicap)

Competition winners:
Best Steward & Partner: Angelo Rodriguez & Mike Moffit – 44pts

Next National Meeting is at: Peterborough Milton Golf Club
Monday 8th July 2019

Richard Berry with Chairman and Trophy

Richard Berry and Paul Leary

Richard and Guest Prize

Richard Berry Snr & Chairman Richard

Richard and 2nd Steward

Chairman and Andy Shaw

Chairman & Tim Pearson

Angelo & Moff with the salver and the Chairman


GCSA NEC Meeting Thetford Golf Club Monday 13th May 2019

The weather was fantastic at the great and challenging Thetford Golf Club in Norfolk which hosted our meeting at very short notice, much appreciated by the Association. Members and guests enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and the warm sun and cloudless sky against a backdrop of the pine trees that line each fairway. It really was like being on holiday.

We were so grateful to Club Steward, Phil Beer, that we let him win most of the prizes. He won nearest the pin on two holes, the best steward and was a member of the winning section team. Stowmarket member Duncan MacDonald won the best guest prize.

Teresa produced a superb carvery and all had a great time.Thanks to all at Thetford

NEC Meeting, Thetford GC, Monday 13th May 2019 – RESULTS

The Bells Trophy – Individual Stableford: (2018, Richard Pearson)
1st – Phil Beer 34 Pts
2nd – Paul Leary 32 Pts
3rd – Richard Berry Snr 31 Pts
1st – Duncan McDonald 35 Pts

The Inter Section Cup: (2018, The Chairman’s Team)
Team Stableford, aggregate 3 best cards to count
Winning Team – The Southern Section
With 94 aggregate points Phil Beer 34pts, Richard Berry Snr 31pts, & Kingsley Pullen 29pts

Phil Beer

Nearest the Pins:
1st Hole – David Guest
3rd Hole – Phil Beer
11th Hole – No Winner
16th Hole – Phil Beer

Best Steward - what a surprise Phil Beer

2nd Steward

Richard Berry Snr 3rd Steward

Best Guest Duncan MacDonald

Phil wins the twos

He Thought he came 3rd Steward but lost ot to his Dad

Nerest the Pin for David on the first

Nearest The Pin onthe 3rd for Phil

Nerarest the Pin on 16 for Phil as well

Section Winners Richard snr, Richard jnr Phil and wheres Kingsley

Great Carvery says the Chairman

National Secretary holding court at Thetford

Stewards at Thetford


National Golf Club Stewards 2019 AGM

 Olton Golf Club Monday 8th April 2019

Order of Merit 2018:

Winner: Richard Berry Jr:

Nearest Pin:
13th Hole: C O’Doyle
8th Hole: No Winner

Ian Duncan (5th Hole)

1st – Mark Langman:   40Pts

Jack Wiseman Trophy (for Stewards):
1st –   Ian Duncan:       37pts
2nd – Bob Purcell:        33pts
3rd – Boyd Weaver:     32pts

Winner: (Best placed Steward)
David Guest: 31pts (on c/b)

Winner New President Ian

2nd place Bob Purcell

3rd Place Boyd Weaver

Richard Wins Order of Merit

Best Guest 40 point playing off 7

Winner of the Jack Wisemen trophy best placed working steward David Guest with the Wiseman family and the new Chairman


National Stewards Association Meeting at Clacton on Sea Golf Club

Monday 3rd September 2018

There was a smaller turnout this year at the final National Stewards Association golf meeting for 2018. It was to be National Chairman Phil Beer’s last chance of silverware whilst holding the chain of office but he hurt his back the day before and instead followed round issuing advice to his guest Julie Secretary Steve Fowler and Clacton Captain Alfie Smith.

The weather was just right not too warm and very still proving to be one of the easier days by the sea for a gifted few. One of which was one of Phil’s guests Thetford Vice Captain Mike Horley who had a brilliant round of scoring 43 points playing off his 6 handicap to scoop the guest prize. Richard Berry Jnr had another superb round scoring 39 points to take the Stewards Salver. Whilst the popular Mike Moffit won the past Chairman’s Small Trophy with 34 points.

Another great day out with superb hospitality afforded by the Staff at Clacton. thank you from all at the association.



1st – Richards Berry Jr: 39 Pts
2nd – Steve Arnold: 34 Pts on c/b
3rd – Mike Moffitt 34 Pts on c/b

1st – Mike Horley: 43Pts
2nd – Stef Salerno: 36Pts

CJ Small Trophy (Past National Chairmen):
Winner: Mike Moffitt 34 Pt

Kevin Fletcher (x2)
Alfie Smith (C o S Captain)
Steve Arnold
Stef Salerno

Nearest the Pins:
7th Hole – Alfie Smith (C o S Captain)
17th – Steve Fowler

Busy Bar at Clacton

Happy table at Clacton

Clacton Captain Alfie

Mike Best Guest by some way

2nd Guest

Mike Moffat wins the Past Chairmans Cup

Richard Berry Jnr wins the Stewards Salver

Mike Moffat 2nd Steward

Steve Arnold 3rd Steward

Nearest The Pin for Alfie on 7th

What a shot nearest the pin on the 17th for Steve



Peterborough Milton Golf Club

Monday 13th August 2018

The National Golf Club Stewards Association meeting was hosted at the delightful Peterborough Milton Golf Club with a good turnout of Stewards and Guests from the various regions. The Stewards competed for the magnificent J &B Trophy, individual stableford and the team event for the Teachers Stewards Championship Trophy. The Berry family put on a real show of brilliant hospitality that started with coffee and pastries followed by a light buffet lunch before the 18-hole competitions. As players finished the 9th hole they were treated to a Hot Dog, a Jam Doughnut and drink at the halfway house. Following the competition a superb meal of chicken stuffed with herbs and wrapped in bacon followed by a sticky toffee pudding.

The course was in excellent condition and produced some great scoring but it was no surprise that National Vice Chairman Richard Berry Junior won the individual stableford on his home course with a great 38 points with Phil Beer and Kingsley Pullen close behind with 36 points.

The team event was won by the Chairman’s team of National Chairman Phil Beer, National Vice President Ian Duncan, Guest Ian Hay and National Secretary Steve Fowler with an aggregate of 104 best three scores out of four winning by just 1 point. Steve Fowlers first win in the Association was crowned by a magnificent birdie on the challenging 18th hole.

Ian Hay, a regular supporter of the Association from Stowmarket Golf Club took the guest prize with a super 37 points.

A really great day particularly as the rain, thunder and lightning forecast went around us and a big thank you to all at Peterborough Milton Golf Club for providing such a great day.


J&B Trophy:

1st – Richards Berry Jr: 38 Pts
2nd – Phil Beer: 36 Pts on c/b
3rd – Kingsley Pullen: 36 Pts on c/b

1st – Ian Hay: 37Pts
2nd – Terry Stephenson: 35Pts

Teachers Stewards Championship:

Winning Team – The Chairman’s Team

With 104 aggregate points (and winners by 1 point):

Phil Beer, Ian Duncan, Ian Hay & Steve Fowler

Mike Horley (guest) – 2nd Hole
Kingsley Pullen – 9th Hole

Nearest the Pins:
1st Hole in 3 – Phil Beer
2nd Hole – Mike Horley (guest)
9th Hole – Phil Beer
11th Hole – Andy Shaw
16th Hole – Ian Hay (guest)
18th Hole in 2 – Terry Stephenson (guest)

J & B Trophy winner Richard Berry Jnr with National Chairman Phil Beer

2nd place for Phil

Third Place for Kinglsey Pullen

Great Hospitality

Best Guest Ian Hay

Teachers Stewards Champions The Chairmans Team Ian Hay, Steve Fowler, Phil Beer and Ian Duncan