About Us - Constitution

These rules shall govern the administration of the British Pitch and Putt Association.

The BRITISH PITCH & PUTT ASSOCIATION is affiliated to the EUROPEAN PITCH & PUTT ASSOCIATION, both of which operate within the Rules of Golf as published by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association. An exception is made to Rule 4.4. relating to the number of clubs that a player is permitted to carry in his bag.
Not more than three clubs may be used, one of which must be a putter and must conform to the Rules of Golf.

The object of the Association is to promote, administer and control competitive pitch and putt as an amateur sport in Great Britain. The Association is a non-profit making and an equal opportunities organisation.

The Association is composed of the clubs affiliated to it, along with any regional governing bodies formed in due course and individual members.


1. The Association shall be managed by a Committee of five Officers and two ordinary members as follows:-

Honorary President.
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Honorary Handicap Secretary
Honorary Membership Secretary

2. To ensure continuity the President shall hold office for a minimum period of two years with the option to stand for re-election. Nominations for the position shall be proposed and seconded by any fully paid up adult member of the Association. Should there be more than one nominee, a ballot, open to all adult paid up members of the Association, shall be held at the Annual General Meeting. The retiring President may, at the end of his/her term of office, serve on the Committee ex-officio for one year.

3. Should a vacancy occur during the year, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a replacement for the remainder of the year. The co-opted member will be eligible for election at the next Annual General Meeting.

4. Four members shall form a quorum at a Committee Meeting.

5. The decision of the Committee on all matters is final.

Should any member of the Committee wish to resign, their resignation must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary.


1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association will take place in March each year and all newly elected Officers and Members of the Committee shall take office immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

2. The date of the Annual General Meeting will be fixed by the committee and notified to all affiliated clubs and individual unattached members. An agenda with a list of retiring Officers and Committee members willing to stand for re-election, and vacancies, shall be notified to the members six weeks prior to the AGM.

3. The business of the Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be as follows:-

(a) To receive apologies for absence.
(b) To approve and adopt the minutes of the previous AGM
(c) To deal with any matters arising from the minutes.
(d) To receive the President’s report.
(e) To receive the Honorary Treasurer’s report and approve the audited accounts.
(f) To receive the Honorary Secretary’s report.
(g) To receive the Honorary Membership Secretary’s report.
(h) To receive the Honorary Handicap Secretary’s report.
(j) Election of Officers of the Association.
(k) To appoint an Auditor.
(l) To consider and vote upon any resolutions properly notified in advance, in writing, according to the rules of the Association to the Honorary Secretary for inclusion on the agenda fourteen days before the AGM.
(m) Any other business - items for inclusion should be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the AGM.

4. The Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Handicap Secretary shall be elected for a period of one year at the Annual General Meeting. Committee members shall be elected for a period of one year initially with an option to continue in office. At the discretion of the committee one person may have more than one position.

5. Any FULL ADULT MEMBER, with their consent, can be nominated to serve as an Officer or Committee member.

6. Nominations, together with a proposer and seconder (both of whom must be FULL MEMBERS) shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary up to fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

7. Should there be more nominees than vacancies for Officers or Committee there shall be a ballot at the Annual General Meeting by FULL MEMBERS ONLY. Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands or ballot as decided by the President.

8. Fifteen FULL MEMBERS shall form a quorum at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


9. A member desirous of moving any Resolution at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting. All resolutions shall be proposed and seconded by a FULL MEMBER.

10. The committee may at any time call an Extraordinary General Meeting for a specific purpose, and shall do so, if requisitioned in writing by ten FULL MEMBERS of the Association stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. Such meetings shall be convened giving not less than 28 days notice.

11. The Rules shall be altered by Resolutions at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. Such Resolutions shall be carried only if they have the support of two thirds of the FULL MEMBERS voting.



1. To chair all meetings
2. To maintain contact with other member clubs.
3. To represent the BPPA when and where necessary.


1. To attend and make records of all Association meetings.
2. To consult with the President on the Agenda for meetings.
3. To be responsible for all correspondence.


1. To collect moneys, make payments promptly, file receipts and maintain accounts which should be operated by two signatories.
2. To present audited accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
3. To keep the committee informed of finances.


1. To be responsible for the members’ handicaps according to the BPPA Rules.
2. To keep records and circulate all relevant handicap information.


1. To keep records of all individual members and affiliated clubs.
2. Liaison with the treasurer regarding BPPA club and membership registration fees.
3. The collection of registration fees from affiliated clubs.


The clubs in their area shall elect regional governing bodies when sufficient clubs become members to make a regional body viable. A minimum of five affiliated clubs shall be required for the formation of a regional board.

Each regional board of the BPPA shall hold an annual general meeting at which officers and committee for the coming year shall be elected.


Until such time as a club is formed at a course, the club manager may affiliate to the BPPA in order to accept registration of players to compete in national and regional competitions and to form a club. A club shall be deemed to have been formed with the registration of at least eight playing members.

Clubs may affiliate to the BPPA on payment of the annual fee of £25.00. The season shall run from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.

Players who wish to play in competitions at club, national or international level sanctioned by the BPPA shall register by completing a BPPA application form and paying the appropriate annual fee to become FULL ADULT MEMBERS and JUNIOR MEMBERS (over 9 years and under 16 years on registration), due on the 1st April.

The records of a club shall be made available for inspection, if required, by an authorised officer of the governing body of the association.


The total length of an eighteen hole course set up for national competitions should not exceed the BPPA recommendations and EPPA compromise, i.e. 1,200 metres (1,313 yds). The maximum length of any hole shall not exceed 90 metres (98 yds) and the minimum length of any hole shall not be less than 40 metres (44 yds.).


The BPPA will organise championships at national level and will encourage and assist regional bodies and clubs to organise local championships and open competitions. The BPPA will select teams to represent Britain in international competitions.

Constitution unanimously accepted on 5th April, 2009 at the AGM of the BPPA at Abbotsley.
Pat Jackson, Honorary Secretary.