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Videos - Landscaping - Ponds

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Below is a slideshow showing you all the different types of ponds and water features we have installed over the years. 

The remaining slideshows below are of individual projects carried out.


Pond 1

Great Barton - Pond installed, turf laid, patio laid, gate and hedgerow planted.


Pond 2

Stowmarket - Old pond liner removed, plants removed, pond extended, new liner installed, new concrete ledge for rockery, new waterfall installed, slabed ledge, beeched area installed for wildlife and re-planted.


Pond 3

Felsham - Pond complete revamp, old pond liner removed, pond extended, patio and walkway across pond installed, new pond liner installed, new waterfall installed along with new filtration system and pump installed, concrete ledge around pond for rockery and new turf laid.


Pond 4

Old vegetation, pond liner and underlay removed, new liner and underlay installed, new filtration system installed, Autumn green indian sandstone edging laid and pebble/cobble waterfall installed.


Pond 5

Raised pond made from chunky railway sleeper with lighting and waterfall. All supplied by Home and Garden Aquatics.


Pond 6

Old pond liner removed and replaced with new buytl liner and underlay then finally modak sandstone paving laid with matched edging setts.


Pond 7

Bury St Edmunds- Old pond dug out and replaced with new liner, water fall and filtration system. Sawn sandstone paving laid with edging setts then finished with stones and planting.


Pond 8

Woolpit- Old brick pond removed, shelving added for planting, stone beach and boulders added to give a natural feel and finished off with a stone sphere water feature. 


Pond 9

Raised pond constructed from brick and flint work, rendered inside and waterproofed with G4 paint. Then finished off with sandstone paving, bronze pixie water feature and a full oase filtration system.


Pond 10

Complete pond renovation, new underlay and butyl liner then finished off with raj green Indian sandstone paving.


Pond 11

Raised wooden sleeper pond, Oase pressurised filtration system, water fountain, heavy duty closeboard fencing, tree planting, Raj green Indian sandstone paving then finally finished off with plum slate chippings. 


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