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Videos - Landscaping - Decking

Please click on the videos below to to begin playing.

Below is a slideshow showing you all the different types decking, pergolas & raised beds we have erected over the years.

The remaining slideshows below are of individual projects carried out.


Decking 1

Elmswell - Decking built, patio, brick edging and patio laid.


Decking 2

Floating two tier raised decking pad.


Decking 3

Decking pad erecting with led spot lighting, new pond excavated and lined, fullĀ  oase filtration system installed, fossil mint sandstone paving and turfing to finish.


Decking 4

Old trellis fencing and decking removed, replaced with new decking, trellis panels and archway to match.


Decking 5

Raised decking paid erected with raised wooden sleeper planters. Raj green Indian sandstone paving with wooden sleeper edging to finish.


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