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Tree Services

Tree care services-

• Deadwood pruning – Removal of dead, dying or dangerous branches for aesthetic reasons or for health and safety.

• Crown reductions/reshaping- Aim is to make the crown of the tree smaller without ruining the general shape of the tree.

• Crown Thinning- The aim of this is to reduce the crown density without changing the shape of the tree, this is normally done to let more light in or to reduce wind resistance.

• Pollarding- This is quite a harsh pruning bringing the crown down dramatically and is usually only done to certain trees as certain trees don’t react well to this kind of pruning.

• Felling- The tree is either felled or section felled in a safe efficient manner whatever the situation.

• Crown raising- Involves removal of low branches to an height agreed with the customer for many reasons e.g. for atheistic reasons or health and safety.

• Trees with preservation orders or in conservation areas- We can act as an authorized agent for clients in dealing with applications for work to trees covered by T.P.O. and within Conversation Areas by looking at the intended tree works and then meet with the tree officers from the Local Authorities to discuss things further.

• Storm damaged trees- We would remove any broken, damaged, lodged up limbs making the tree safe and making the tree aesthetically pleasing again.

• Tree inspections and reports- This may involve looking at an individual tree or woodland to be inspected. The tree/trees will be professional inspected either looked at from the ground or a climbing inspection with a detailed written report. This is normally done for the health of the trees and the safety of others as every customer is liable to the safety of their trees.

• Disease diagnosis- This involves inspecting tree from the ground and a climbing inspection to determine the disease the tree may have and determining the intended tree works to be done to prolong the trees life.

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