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Stump Grinding

Fed up with annoying stump in the middle of your lawn or simply want to improve the look of your garden? Below are just a few benefits of removing stumps the safe and quickest way.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Space

If you prefer a tidy lawn, neat hedges, and immaculate landscaping, then a tree stump isn’t doing your garden any favours. Stump grinding is an affordable service that can greatly improve the look of your property and also increase its value. If you have a small garden, a tree stump can take up a significant amount of space above ground and even more below, making it difficult to landscape or garden in its vicinity. Removing a stump can make room for a variety of garden elements such as a flower bed, a table and chairs, or a small pond.

Improving Convenience and Safety

Tree stumps present a serious inconvenience when it comes to mowing your lawn, requiring you to maneuver carefully around them, and accidentally hitting them may cause severe damage to your lawnmower. Tree stumps also present a trip hazard in your garden and are particularly dangerous if you have children or the elderly living in your home. If a neighbour or visitor were to trip on the tree stump, you could be held liable for their injuries as the property owner.

Avoiding Unwanted Growth and Pests

When a tree stump is left behind in the ground, it can potentially cause new trees to spring up around it. Often, new growth from a tree stump causes a cluster of small trees to pop up at its base. Besides being unsightly, this group of young trees can also be damaging to any plants nearby because they will absorb water and nutrients from the soil for their own growth. Tree stumps also make a perfect home for insects like termites, wood borers, ants, and beetles, and should be removed to prevent these pests from making their way into your home.

Below is a slideshow of one of the many stump grinders we use, from large machines to small machines that fit through narrow garden gates. Any stump, any size we can grind it out.

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