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Did you know outside space can add up to 15% of the value of your property? So the idea of spending money on your garden may not only give you an area to escape and enjoy but also add value to your property. 

People disown their garden as they find it hard to see what they can do with it so this is where we come in. We carry out a site visit where we talk in detail of your ideas and see what is possible with the style and shape of your garden. From simply relaying your patio or having your garden completely redesigned we cover it all.

Below are just a few services in detail we provide, please feel free to look at our slideshows in our gallery page.


A garden can easily be transformed with a patio, whether it’s an area to sit out on and eat or an area of tranquillity to chill out and enjoy the sunshine. There are all types of styles, colours, shapes and sizes to choose from so we know how hard it is to picture your perfect garden. We will be happy to sit with you and design a patio that accommodates your budget, lifestyle and size of garden.

We know how hard it is to visualise exactly what you want, this is why we provide you with a great service from start to finish.

Please visit our patio gallery for some great ideas.


Decking can bring an unused area back to life and can be erected virtually anywhere in your garden. It offers more of a warm feel than concrete or slabs and because of its great versatility it can be erected on sloped gardens or awkward shaped gardens. We can provide all types of railing, lighting, styles and colours so there are plenty of options to choose from.

All our wooden decking is pressure treated so is protected against rot and decay so no need to treat for years to come.

If you like the idea of decking but don’t like the maintenance or discolour over the years? Well we now supply and erect composite decking. The plus sides of composite decking are that is hard wearing, low maintenance and looks like new every year once cleaned. It also comes in a variety of colours and textures.


We can supply and erect any type of fence you would like, from picket fencing to concrete post and panel.

Fencing is very important as it defines your boundary and more importantly it provides you security and keeps your privacy from your neighbours. Below is just a small list of different types of fencing we erect which all come in a range of styles, colours and heights-

Traditional Closeboard or lapboard panels

• Decorative panels
• Willow panels
• Picket fencing
• Closeboard fencing
• Trellis work
• All types of gates from wrought iron to wooden side gates

Pond installation

Ponds create an escape in your garden, for you to look at the fish and wildlife or simply an area to chill out in and listen to the calming noise of moving water. Once you have chosen a pond you would like, we would then carefully select the appropriate pump and filtration system if needed to keep your pond crystal clear. There are many other extras to add to your pond like a water fall/water feature to give you that calming noise of trickling water or even lighting to set the mood. Generally we install ponds with the use a high quality butyl liner, preformed fibreglass pond, brick and mortar or a natural clay lined pond.

Please feel free to visit our gallery for our pond slideshows. 

Turf laying and seeding

Fed up with so many weeds growing in your lawn? Fed up with how uneven your lawn is? Well we can take care of that! We would lift up your old lawn with a turf lifter which would remove all unwanted weeds and moss. Then rotavate your garden with a rotavator and adding fresh topsoil will bring your soil back to life and giving the new turf a freshly rotavated bed soil to grown on. By rotavating it loosens up the soil so you can easily grade of area to make sure it’s nice and level. Once level its will be rolled over with a lawn roller to make sure it’s nicely compacted. Finally the new turf will be rolled out and patted down. We would do the same process with seeding, just with seeding it takes a while for it grow compared to the instant effect of a roll of turf.  

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