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Seniors 4BBB

Winners Dave Parmenter Evan Tuck 43 pts
2nd Ivor Collett Paul Attenborough 39 pts
3rd Eddie Baker Dave Brooks 38 pts


Ladies Millennium Trophy

Winner Sarah Dewhurst 34 pts
2nd Carole Davidson 34 pts
3rd Jane Gomm 32 pts


Captains Choice Trophy

Winners Bill Murray Jane Gomm Tim McCrohon 87 pts
2nd Tony Medland Carole Davidson David Robinson 81 pts
3rd Mike Whyman Sandy Spink Evan Tuck 81 pts


Seniors v Searles (Home)

Dave Parmenter Evan Tuck Won 5&4 v P Wills P Drew
Brian Hannah David Robinson Lost 4&3 v A Davis P Duke
Michael O'Connor Gordon Robertson Won 6&5 v F Flemming T Holt
Barry Davidson Bill Murray Lost 2&1 v S Lee J Elbourn
Dave Brooks Ian Kidger Won 5&4 v D Earl T Nutt
Ivor Collett Paul Attenborough Won 4&2 v K Whiting P Mustew


Club Winter League 8

Winners Tim McCrohon Mike Whyman 43 pts
2nd Irving Newton Barrie Bensley 41 pts


Ladies 9 hole Winter League 6

Winner Maggie Baker 18 pts
2nd Carole Davidson 14 pts
3rd Liz Hewett 13 pts


Seniors Winter League 9

Winner Bill Murray 40 pts
2nd Eddie Baker 34 pts
3rd Ivor Collett 33 pts


Ladies and Seniors Away Day at Sheringham

Ladies Winner - Carole Davidson 32 pts. Seniors Winner - Ian Kidger 31 pts.

Team Winner Ivor Collett Kathryn McCrohon 53 pts
2nd Tim McCrohon Norma Neave 52 pts

Nearest the Pin - Tim McCrohon

Club Winter League 7

Winner Ivor Collett Paul Attenborough 49 pts
2nd Billy Seaward Johnny Seaward 42 pts


Ladies 9 hole Winter League 5

Winner Jane Gomm 16 pts
2nd Carole Davidson 15 pts
3rd Liz Hewett 14 pts


Seniors Medal

    Gross H'cap Total
Winner Dave Parmenter 87 21 66
2nd Bill Murray 96 28 68
3rd Tim McCrohon 83 14 69


Ladies 18 hole Winter League 5

Winner Sandy Spink 30 pts
2nd Carole Davidson 30 pts
3rd Liz Hewett 25 pts


Club Winter League 6

Winners Billy Seaward Johnny Seaward 43 pts
2nd David Bates Tony Medland 42 pts


Seniors Winter League

Winner Eddie Baker 39 pts
2nd Evan Tuck 38 pts
3rd Tim McCrohon 37 pts



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