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Preparing for Winter Golf


It seems as though our long summer is never going to end which is real bonus to you keen golfers and all of us at the golf club. Our course here at Swaffham is in fantastic condition helped by the warm conditions and continued care and attention taken by Graham and his green staff. So as the inevitable conditions change are you prepared for more wind, rain and freezing temperatures?


First step is to look at all your equipment and its condition from the long summer of golf. Signs of wear to shafts and particular grips can make playing golf in the winter even harder than it needs to be. I will gladly look at your equipment and give it an MOT advising of grip changes and in particular worn and chipped faces on wedges which prevents good contact with the ball. Also check your golf bag for any defects in pockets, zips and hoods. The umbrella that has sat on the side of your bag for months may not work or be damaged! Are your shoes suitable for winter golf and will they provide you comfort and stability during harsher playing conditions? I would recommend cleaning, polishing and most certainly changing the spikes. Nic or I will gladly offer this service to you. Why not leave them with us until you next play?


I have always maintained that winter golf is also a time to reflect on your game over the summer and look at making changes in equipment and swing ready for next year. If you have developed a hook or a slice now is the time to have a few lessons in order to allow the changes in your swing to evolve in time for the warmth again. Any old equipment or clubs that haven't worked as well throughout 2013 may need to be changed. It's a good time to get used to them which will also breed confidence going into 2014. I have a Vector launch monitor to fit you for the latest driver or irons.


Woolen hat, winter gloves, handwarmers, base layers of clothing and a flask of soup or tea will help you maintain your performance levels on the course. Don't come to the course unprepared. Muscle injuries are more likely to occur in the cold so stretching and warming up becomes imperative. Those of you that usually have a buggy may wish to walk for half the round, giving the aerobic exercise a chance for the body to stay warm. Enjoy your winter golf, be prepared and come into the shop for a chat about your game.


I look forward to welcoming you.






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