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Annual General Meeting

The Golf Club Stewards Association Annual General Meeting took place on Monday March 6, 2017 at Olton Golf Club. Olton have hosted this event for many years and the Association is very grateful for the clubs support.

David Tucker opened the meeting at 4.30 pm. He welcomed everyone to the Ninety Fourth Annual General Meeting. David thanked the Membership for their support over the last year and he had been very proud to have been the National Chairman.

He also congratulated the National Secretary, Ken Brothwell on the organising of all the meetings and his work throughout the year.

The Chairman said he had one more duty to perform before he handed over to the new Chairman.

He said on behalf of the NEC and the Membership it gave him great pleasure to offer an enormous thanks to the Secretary for all his hard work over the past years, and asked the membership to endorse with the NEC in making Ken a Life Member of the GCSA. He also presented Ken with a personal gift for organising his year.

David then passed on the burden of office to Tim Pearson from the Wales & West section. Tim thanked David and said he had enjoyed being his Vice Chairman and he thought his year went well. Tim also thanked the Wales and West Section and the NEC for all their support.

Phi Beer of Theford Golf Club in the East Anglia section was voted in as National Vice Chairman .

Ken Brothwell had given the NEC notice that he intended to stand down as National Secreatary at the AGM 2017. The NEC had taken the appropriate step to address this matter and contacted all sections for nomination to fill these two posts. The NEC selected Richard Berry to be the Treasurer The post of Secretary had not been taken so Ken Brothwell would stay on as Secretary but made it quite clear he would not go past the AGM 2018.

With all the business of the AGM completed the Members and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Olton Golf Club with a meal that was then followed by the presentations.

Boyd Weaver won the day’s competition prize and David Guest took the 2016 Order of Merit trophy.




Golf Club Stewards Association 2016 Annual General Meeting

Olton Golf Club – Monday 7th March 2016

The sun shone on the righteous at Olton Golf Club for the Golf Club Stewards Association 2016 AGM, 38 Stewards and Guests played an 18-hole stableford competition with all regions of the association represented. This was prior to the AGM which was followed by a superb three course meal proved by the excellent staff at Olton.

For the first Monday of March the course was as always in excellent condition, the greens were tricky, faster than most of us have been used to recently. Building a good score here needed real golfing expertise and should we be surprised that Richard Pearson was 7 points clear of the field with 38 points off of his 1 handicap, a superb performance.

The AGM followed. Andy Shaw thanked everybody for their support in what had been a very enjoyable year. The members were unanimous in their appreciation of the hard work of National Secretary Ken Brothwell. Jason Knapper succeeded Geoff Wareham as National President thanking the membership for their support and thanking Geoff warmly for all he has done for the Association in this Role.

Geoff subsequently returned to the job that he really excels at….. selling raffle tickets of which he did a magnificent job.

Andy Shaw handed the National Chairmans chain over to David Tucker for the next 12 months, not only weighed down by the challenges of the role but more so by the weight of the magnificent chain of office that goes with it.

At the meal we were joined by our guests for the evening, The Wiseman family , The Secretary, President and Captain from Olton and the Captain & President of Robin Hood Golf Club. David Tucker welcomed and thanked all that had attended and in particular asked that the Olton Club Captain David to pass on our thanks to the Green Staff, Bar Staff, Catering Staff and Management Committee of the club for hosting our annual event. The Olton Captain reiterated the special relationship that the club and our Association have, long may it continue.

The meal was followed by presentation of prizes to the winners. go to the results page for full details.

National Chairman David Tucker presenting the Order of Merit trophy to Kingsley Pullen

National Chairman David Tucker with his wife Margaret

National President Jason Knapper

Presidents table at AGM




2015 AGM

Olton Golf Club - Monday 2nd March 2015

The Golf Club Stewards Association held its Annual General Meeting at Olton Golf Club near Solihull in the West Midlands. The club has been a great supporter of the Association for many years and Club Secretary Steve Fowler and his team welcomed the membership as they have done for many years with warm friendship and superb hospitality.

As it often is weatherwise on the first Monday in March "a heatwave it was not" but although it was cold it remained dry save for the odd flake of snow. The course was in excellent condition and those who braved the conditions came in with reasonable if not course breaking scores. Go to the results page for presentation pictures and results.

When the incoming National Chairman Andy Shaw and National Secretary Ken Brothwell nominated Les James to run the raffle they must have overlooked the fact that he had been in the bar most of the day and the draw took slightly longer than expected.

There was a good turnout for the AGM and the meeting went very smoothly and with the accounts in good fettle the out going Chairman Steve Brothwell thanks the members for their support throught the year and the National Secretary Ken for all his hard work and superb organisational skills.

Steve handed over the reins and the weighty Chain of Office to the Southern Sections Andy Shaw , who said how much he was looking forward to his coming year as Nationa Chairman. Midlands Dave Tucker was voted in as Vice Chairman

During the meeting there was a proposal to give Life Membership to Nick Jones and his wife Carol for all the hard work and support given to Mike Moffitt in the production of the Centenary Book. The East Anglian section Chairman, Phil Beer read out a proposal that Ray Spencer formerly Steward at Royal West Norfolk and Terry Harding formerly Steward at Great Yarmouth & Caister be made life members in recognition of their support over many years to the Association. From the Southern Section long standing member and Association supporter Roy Martin was also proposed as a life member. All the proposals were unanimously accepted.

Geof Wareham the current President has indicated that he is to stand down at next years AGM and wheels were put in motion to find his replacement.

A fine Roast Beef meal followed after which in an address by the new Chairman, Andy thanked his section for their support in nominating him for his role, new Life member Nick thanked the members and the Olton Club Captain closed the formalities. The presentaions followed.

What a great place to hold our AGM see you all there when we do it again on the First Monday of March 2016.


2015 National Chairman - Andy Shaw

Andy Address

Andy Speaks

Busy Bar

David Tucker

Gathering for a great Meal again at Olton

Quite relaxed before the hand over

Handover The Neck Breaking chain of office

handover complete

Meeting in Progress

Moffit the legend

New Chairman Andy Addresses the members

the gatherin hoards




An historic and hilarious masterpiece, a chronical of the first 100 years of the Golf Club Stewards Association produced by Mike Moffitt with the forward from Commentating and Golfing legend Peter Alliss

Email National Secretary Ken Brothwell at to request your copy whilst stock last


National Golf Club Stewards Association - 2014 AGM

Olton Golf Club - Monday 3rd March 2014

The Golf Club Stewards Association held the Annual General Meeting at their traditional venue Olton Golf Club, Solihull on the first Monday in March

The 2013 Chairman Barry Smith thanked the members for their support and National Secretary/Treasurer Ken Brothwell throughtout his year.

Steve Brothwell of the North East Region was duly elected National Chairman for 2014 receiving the heavy chain of office from the outgoing Chairman Barry.

Andy Shaw was elected as Vice Chairman for 2014

The National Secretary reported an increase in membership and a healthly balance sheet.

2014 National Chairman Steve Brothwell

At the Chairmans table

Before the burden of office takes its toll

Chain Change over

Gathering for a fine meal

Roger & Ken

Steve eventually becomes Chairman

Stewards at Rest

The Chairman Addresses the meeting but is Les asleep

Vice Chairman

Past it former National Chairmen Barry and Peter



The Golf Club Stewards Association held the 2013 AGM at Olton Golf Club on Monday 4th March 2013.
Prior to the AGM the association members played a stableford competition over 18 holes for the Jack Wiseman Trophy which was presented after the evening meal by our trustee Mike Wiseman The trophy was won by former National Chairman Ken Turney with 31 points, Ken is currently the Steward at Ganton Golf Club in Yorkshire. Full results will appear shortly on the Results section of the website.

The challenging course was in superb condition with the green running very true and one of our best Spring days so far this year.

The members gathered from the North, South, East and West and the AGM was conducted in the usual good humoured way.

Jim Dobbin thanked all who supported him during his year as Centenary National Chairman of the association. Jim handed his chain of office to in coming National Chairman Barry Smith from the East Anglian Section. Steve Brothwell from the North East Section was appointed as Vice Chairman for 2013.

The members were unanimous in the thanks for the hard work put in over the past 12 months by National Secretary Ken Brothwell.

Following the AGM the members and guests gathered for a superb meal of roast lamb, speeches from the new Chairman Barry, the Captain of Olton Golf Club and the presentation of prizes.

Our thanks were passed on to the committee, management, staff and members of Olton Golf Club for their support in allowing us to hold our meeting annually at the club and their superb hospitality.

Another great meeting at Olton Golf Club.

The wait before AGM

At The Bar at Olton

Crowds Gather

Jim Dobbin addresses the Meeting

Jim passes the chain to Barry

The Handover

Pre Dinner Drinks

More Pre Dinner

Southern Sec Andy with Southern Section Chairman Glenn

Chairman Barry Smith

Chairman and President

National Secretary Ken Brothwell

Our Nation President Geoff

What a carve up

Around the room

Around the regions

Carving around the room

Great Meal

The Chairman addresses his audience

The Chairman Carves



CENTENARY BOOK - Celebrating 100 years of history

The Centenary book is now being printed and will soon be

available to be purchased, if you would like a copy sent to you address

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Together with Name, Address and Post Code to :

Ken Brothwell
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Just a taster of all the action at Staverton Park more pictures to follow




National Stewards Association President, Geoff Wareham and his wife Mary have been installed as Mayor & Mayoress of King's Lynn in North West Norfolk.

See below a selection of the wonderful pictures of their inauguration.

We are sure that all the members would wish to pass on their congratulations and best wishes to Geoff and Mary ....... but we will all worry about how he can cope with the weight of both chains of office round his neck, at least it will help keep his head down out on the course.


Golf Club Stewards Association AGM (Centenary Year)

Olton Golf Club, Monday 5th March 2012

On a bright and blustery day in the Midlands they came from all corners of the UK North South East and West to compete for the Jack Wiseman Trophy and to attend the 2012 National AGM.

The course was in great condition and the greens were surprisingly fast consideration the previous days downpour. It took most of us by surprise and the strong winds made the normally challenging course even harder as the scores reflect. Southerns section Vice President Andy Frewin won the overall competition with 32 points whilst East Anglia's Barry Smith took the Jack Wiseman Trophy with 30 points on countback from Boyd Weaver from the Midlands.

The AGM was very well attended and went very smoothly. Les James thanked everyone for their support during his year and handed the chain of office for this important Centenary year to Jim Dobbin.

Our thanks go to Trevor and his team at Olton for the superb hospitality and welcome and of course our thanks to the Captain and the members of Olton for allowing us to hold our AGM at the club.

National Chairman in our Centenary year Jim Dobbin

Hair raising Southern Section top

Les gets his Tie

Les Hands over to Jim

Les does the tidyng up

Les Preparing to handover

Life Membership

Midlands Moff

Top Table

President and his followers

Ready for action

Thanks to Les

Thanks to Trevor and all at Olton Golf Club for their kind hospitality

The Crowd assembles



"Mike Moffitt has suggested a chapter Mr. Jolly Jack. here is a little taste. Jack, Sir Jack or Mr. Blues whatever you've called him, he is quite simply our President! Jack Wiseman has been a rock and colossus for our Association.Jack's longevity as our President is not merely confined to the world of golf for in football he has been connected with Birmingham City Football Club all hs life. He still attends their home games and is ecstatically greeted when he attends dinners and meetings of the GCSA. He has truly TURNED ROUND AND PLAYED A BLINDER"