Suffolk PGA Matchplay results
At Thorpeness: First round: Rob Pritchard (Cretingham) beat Rob Vine (Ufford Park) 4 and 3, Ben Kerr (West Suffolk Golf Centre) beat Patrick Spraggs (Woodbridge) one up, Andrew Robinson (Southwold) beat Dan Skriabin (Ufford Park) 3 and 1, Richard Beadles (Royal Worlington) beat Keith Preston (Aldeburgh) 2 and 1, Lawrence Dodd (Bury Golf Range) beat Frank Hill (Thorpeness) 4 and 3, Peter Latimer (Felixstowe Ferry) beat Brad Wilkins (Ipswich Golf Centre) at fourth extra hole, Chris Smith (Fynn Valley) beat Ed Garrard  (Rookery Park) 7 and 5, Neil Mitchell (Bury Golf Range) beat Phil Westley (Hintlesham) 4 and 3.
Second round: Pritchard beat Kerr one up, Robinson beat Beadles 4 and 3, Dodd beat Latimer one up, Smith beat Mitchell 6 and 5.

Semi-finals: L Dodd (Bury Golf Range) beat C Smith (Fynn Valle) 4 and 3, R Pritchard (Cretingham) beat A Robinson (Southwold) two up.

Final: Dodd beat Pritchard 4 and 3.

Town & Country Cars Cup 2014 

First round: Kerr beat Rob Pritchard (Cretingham), Westley beat Matt Alderton (Bury St Edmunds), Wilby beat Robert Joyce (Felixstowe Ferry), Robinson beat Reeve.
Second round: Kerr beat Matt Ransome (Seckford), Tim Cooper (Newton Green) beat Ollie Rush (Haverhill), Keith Preston (Aldeburgh) beat Ed Garrard (Rookery Park), Westley walked over Frank Hill (Thorpeness), Wilby beat Peter Latimer (Felixstowe Ferry), Mitchell beat James Markham (Aldeburgh), Tony Dobson (Stonham Barns) beat Brad Wilkins (then Fynn Valley, now Ipswich Golf Centre), Robinson beat Kelvin Vince (Rushmere).
Quarter-finals: Kerr beat Cooper, Westley beat Preston, Mitchell beat Wilby, Robinson beat Dobson.
Semi-finals: Mitchell beat Robinson, Westley beat Kerr.
Final: Mitchell beat Westley.

First round: Stuart Robertson (Ufford Park) beat Lawrence Dodd (Bury Golf Range) at 19th, Neil Mitchell) Bury Golf Range) beat Frank Hill (Thorpeness) 6 and 5, Chris Smith (Fynn Valley) beat Ian Scott (Bungay) 7 and 6, Ben Kerr (West Suffolk Golf Centre) beat Brad Wilkins (Fynn Valley) 3 and 2, Richard Beadles (Royal Worlington) beat Daniel Skriabin 3 and 1, Andrew Collison (Bungay) beat Peter Latimer (Felixstowe Ferry) 4 and 3, Andrew Robinson (Stowmarket) beat Chris Oldrey (Thorpeness) 3 and 2, James Peasey (Woodbridge) beat Keith Preston (Aldeburgh holder) at 19th.
Quarter-finals: Mitchell beat Robertson 3 and 1, Smith beat Kerr 4 and 3, Collison beat Beadles 6 and 5, Robinson beat Peasey two up.
Semi-finals: Mitchell beat Smith 5 and 3, Robinson beat Collison at 19th.
Final: Mitchell beat Robinson 4 and 3.


First round: Paul Wilby beat Tony Dobson 2 and 1, Joe Cardy lost to Adam Trett 4 and 2, Paul Connell lost to Andrew Robinson at second extra hole, Matt Alderton lost to Henry Roblin 4 and 3, Rob Pritchard beat Ollie Rush at second extra hole, Paul Bate lost to Tim Cooper two down, Kevin Earp beat Harry Mills 2 and 1, Lawrence Dodd lost to Ben Kerr 6 and 5.

Frank Hill bye, Simon Jay lost to Jon Markham 4 and 2, Keith Preston beat Robert Joyce 3 and 2, Robin Mann bye, Richard Davies beat Richard Beadles 2 and 1, Ian Scott lost to Matt Ransome, Kelvin Vince lost to Simon Reeve 6 and 5, Shane Warren beat Stuart Robertson 7 and 6.

Second round: Wilby lost to Trett at the 19th; Robinson beat Roblin 4 and 3, Pritchard beat Cooper 2 and 1, Earp beat Kerr 2 and 1; Hill lost to Markham 3 and 2, Preston beat Mann 4 and 3, Davies beat Ransome 3 and 2, Reeve lost to Warren 4 and 3. 

Kevin Earp beat Rob Pritchard at the 19th.

Richard Davies beat Shane Warren 2 and 1

Andrew Robinson beat Adam Trett 3 and 1

Jon Markham beat Keith Preston 4 and 3


Earp beat Robinson 1 upMarkham beat Davies 7 and 6


Earp beat Markham 3 and 2