Royal Cromer Golf Club

Friday 24th November 2017



Time               1st Tee                                 8th Tee 

08.58              Ryan Pudney                       08.58              Caroline Grady

09.07              Will Woodrow                       09.07              Charlie Bright 

09.16              Michael Skipper                   09.16              Matthew Gardner

09.25              Nic Cains                              09.25              Ian Ellis

09.34              Lee Patterson                       09.34              Morgan Thompson

09.43              Mark Spooner                       09.43              Neil Mitchell 

09.52              Mike Jubb                              09.52              Mark Allen 

10.01              Jason Groat                          10.01              Joe Lambert

10.10              Duncan Abbott                     10.10              James Yemc            

10.19              Chase Davis                         10.19              Tim Lond Caulke

10.28              Will Farley                             10.28             Alan Hemsley

10.37              Craig Graver                         10.37              Ross Hudson

10.46                                                            10.46

Preferred Lies

Men      White Tees       Ladies Red Tees                      

Nearest the pin                9th     (Ball on Green)

Nearest the pin                 17th     (Ball on Green)

Handicaps: - Maximum for Men is 24 and 30 for ladies, with a 90% allowance of a player’s handicap, plus ladies then receive an additional 2 courtesy shots.   Play is to the Men’s stroke index, as on the team scorecard

Withdrawals of 72 hours or less will be subject to a £50 fine, as agreed by the committee.

Please Tel. John Paling 01603 741301 if you have any queries.