Course - Hole By Hole


1st Hole

A tough opening hole with Out of Bounds down the right making a drive down the left side of the fairway a must. Play this is as a par 5, laying up with the second shot just short of the ditch, leaving a short approach in.


2nd Hole

A lengthy Par 3 Requires a solid tee shot to find the middle of this well guarded green with front and side greenside bunkers. Long of the green will find deep rough and trees, so short is the play.


3rd Hole

A dogleg from right to left with a large fairway bunker tight to the left side makes aiming at the marker post a must. This will leave around 150 yards to the green with bunkers guarding both sides and a heavily sloped green so short is advisable.


4th Hole

A long par 5 over 550 yards of the competition tees. Fairway bunkers along the right are strategically placed so left side of fairway is the target. A solid second shot will allow a mid to short approach, beware of the gorse and trees around the 150 area just off the fairway.


5th Hole

A picturesque par 4 lined with pine trees and double fairway bunkers placed in the middle of the fairway. Laying up is advisable but big hitters could go for the green to leave a small pitch in.


6th Hole

A tricky par 3 requiring a mid to long iron, Greenside bunkers placed at the front and sides. Long of the green will find thick rough and trees so centre of green is best chance of a par.


7th Hole

A shorter par 5 than the 4th but still substantial length, a good drive is a must to clear a well-placed fairway bunker on the right side, a well-guarded green with fairway and greenside bunkers. For the longer hitter there is an opportunity to hit this green in two.


8th Hole

The only hole with water on the course. This is a layup hole for most so a driver isn’t always required off the tee to stay clear of the fairway bunkers. Laying up short with the second shot is advisable to leave around 100 yards to this green, with greenside bunkers on both sides.


9th Hole

Another layup hole with double fairway bunkers positioned in the middle so no more than 200 yards of the tee is required to keep short. Longer hitters can have a go at driving this enticing green.



10th Hole

A good par 4 requiring a straight drive to thread through the fairway bunkers, a long approach will need to keep left to stay away from a large greenside bunker protecting the right side of the green. Slightly two tiered green to deal with sloping from front to back.


11th Hole

Par 3 which is similar to the 6th hole with greenside bunkers at the front and sides. Another two tiered green so check the pin position to leave you with the best chance of making the putt.


12th Hole

Stroke index 1 with a long sweeping par 4 from left to right, aiming at the marker post with the drive will leave you in an ideal position. You will then have two ditches to face with the decision to lay up short or go over the top with your approach. Longer hitters can take driver and flight the trees on the right but this is high risk with out of bounds right and gorse left.


13th Hole

A tough par 3 with trees guarding the left off the tee, a ditch runs in front of the green around 50 yards short so make sure to clear this. A small green so a solid centre of green shot is advised.


14th Hole

A tough tee shot with a large oak tree guarding the right and internal out of bounds running along the left side. A slightly raised green which falls off on both sides and at the back meaning to hit the green is difficult. Short is advisable to leave a straight chip up on to the green.


15th Hole

Another layup hole wanting only 170 yards off the tee to keep on the top level to leave around 140 left for your approach. Gorse positioned long and on the right side so left is the miss area. The long hitters may fancy a go at driving the green but wanting 270 yards of carry it isn’t advised.


16th Hole

The easiest hole on the course with a dead straight fairway straight to the green, the 15th fairway isn’t being a bad miss as this will still leave you a simple approach in. Long hitters will open up the shoulders and go for the green.


17th Hole

A sweeping hole from right to left with the drive wanting to be a layup on the top tier of the fairway so no more than 180 yards off the tee is required. This will leave around 100 yards for your approach over some gorse to the green. Left side of the green is advisable as a bank on the right of the green leaves an awkward chip.


18th Hole

Very tough finishing hole, out of bounds long of the green and big slope off to the right of the green, so tee shot has to stay left. With deceiving slopes on the green don’t be disappointed with a four.

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