Grim's Dyke Golf Club

How to join - Membership Benefits


Value for money


Saturday and Sunday are peak playing times at all golf clubs. Playing once a weekend at Grim’s Dyke works out at about £26 per round – not bad for peak time golf!


Playing a few summer evenings and a few more weekends easily brings the cost down to under £20 a round.


One of the luxuries of being a Grim’s Dyke member is that you can play when (and if) you like, even if it’s only a few holes, and not worry about the cost.


Grim's Dyke is unusual in that we don’t have a tee booking system. Apart from the “Major” competitions it’s just a matter of turning up and making up games. The most popular times for meeting up are:-


Saturday mornings and afternoons.
Sunday mornings.
Tuesday & Thursday mornings.
Midweek afternoons.

Mornings – 8:00, afternoons – 12:00



Club Matches and Open Events


All the Club’s sections play matches against local clubs which offers tremendous opportunities to play an array of golf courses through your Grim’s Dyke membership.


There are also open competitions and invitation days offering the opportunity to play some of the very best golf courses in the area.





Golf is a competitive sport and the best way to experience this is by playing in Grim’s Dyke Medals, Stablefords and “Major” competitions.


As well as competitions for individuals there are also pairs and mixed events.



Signing in Guests


Whether it’s a colleague, a client or just a friend there’s a certain pleasure to be had in extending an invitation to come and play at Grim's Dyke Golf Club. That’s one of the great benefits of membership. Not to mention the fact that the favour will no doubt be returned.



Facilities & Improvement


Grim’s Dyke members can use the range and practice facilities for free and lessons are available from our PGA qualified Professionals.





Golf is a very social sport and Grim’s Dyke is noted for its hospitality and quality of its catering.

There are rooms available for functions, such as birthdays, wedding receptions and these are free to hire for Grim's Dyke members.