Juniors - Fixture List


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Summer Eclectic Competition

  1. This Competition will be played over a period of three months starting on June 1st finishing on August 31st 
  2. Play is taken over 10 rounds of 9 holes and players must ensure that their name is included on the entry sheet (on the Junior Section Noticeboard) before playing each round and fee paid on the first round 
  3. The Fee for the Competition is £2 (which will pay for prizes at the end of the competition).  The Fee should be put into an envelope with the player’s name and date clearly printed on the outside and placed in the brown box in the Ladies Changing Room 
  4. After each game players can update their scores on the Eclectic Sheet pinned to the Junior Section Noticeboard and their signed card/slip posted in the brown box in the Ladies Changing Room
  5. The result is published on the Junior Section Noticeboard at the end of each quarter


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