Elmswell is a thriving village full of innovation and creativity situated in the heart of Mid Suffolk.

With excellent road and rail links the village has grown to be one of the largest villages in Suffolk. Easy access to Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge has encouraged commuters and start up businesses to locate in the area.

The impressive Church of St John the Divine dominates the skyline as you travel 9 miles east of Bury St Edmunds.
Surrounded by agricultural farmland the village has a fascinating history that dates back hundreds of years. The opening up of the A45(A14) in the late 70's early 80's as the major route between Felixstowe and the rest the UK has secured the village's future as an important commercial and residential area.

The 1881 census shows that the number of dwellings in the village was 196 and the population was 761. Although the number of current dwellings in the village is 1344 and the number of inhabitants is 3360 the occupations are just as diverse as they were more than a hundred years ago.


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