Suffolk Winter Alliance - Order of Merit

Professional Order of Merit 2017/18 Season

Professional Order after the Southwold meeting on 16th November 2017

1st   12 Points
Sam Forgan  (Stowmarket) 

2nd   4 Points
Alex Davey  (Stowmarket)

=3rd   2 Points
Neil Mitchell  (Ipswich Driving Range) 
Dean Fairweather (Culford Academy)
Mark Farrow  (Diss)

6th   1 Point
Paul Wilby  (Haverhill)


Order of Merit (Sweep) 2017/18 Season

Current positions after the Southwold meeting on 16th November 2017.
(Top five scores to count)

1st   198 Points
Richard Bland (Stoke-by-Nayland)

2nd   195 Points
David Yates  (Braintree)

3rd   191 Points
Ian Benson*  (Stoke-by-Nayland)

4th   189 Points
Andy Fish  (Haverhill)

5th   184 Points
Simon Cousins  (Haverhill)

=6th  181 Points
Ian Wheeldon  (Woodbridge) 
G.Staples  (Hintlesham)

8th   174 Points
Peter Walters  (Rushmere)

* Includes deduction for winning/placed last Season

Note, no other player has yet completed five meetings.

Order of Merit (Sweep) 2016/17 Season - Final Positions

​Order of Merit after the End of Season meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 23rd March 2017

​​218​ Points      Ian Benson  (Stoke-by-Nayland) 
211 Points      Roger Gardiner  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​                       Brian Castle   (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                       Mike Moore   (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​208 Points      Rob Benson  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​207 Points      Danny Goddard   (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​                       Gary Borthwick  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​205 Points     Sam Forgan*   (Stowmarket)
                      Steve Tree   (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​                      Andy Fish  (Haverhill)
​                      Byron Long  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
204 Points     Paul Nuttall  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                      John Craddock  (Stowmarket)
203 Points     Ken McCredie  (Stowmarket)
                      Alan Middle  (Seckford)
​202 Points     ​​Ian Smith  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                      Richard Bland   (Stoke-by-Nayland)
​                      Simon Cousins  (Haverhill)
                      Malcolm Robinson   (Haverhill)
​                      Nikki Spong   (Hintlesham)​ 


​* Includeds deductions for winning or being placed last season.



Professional Order of Merit 2016/2017 Season - Final Positions

​Professional Order of Merit after the end of season meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 23rd March 2017


35 Points       Sam Forgan (Stowmarket)

​14 Points        Alex Davey  (Stowmarket)

​5 Points        Dean Fairweather  (Breckland Pines)

​4 Points        Alastair Hall  (Halesworth)
                     Andy Robinson  (Southwold)
​                     Neil Mitchell (Ipswich Driving Range)
                     Robin Mann (Bury Driving Range)
3 Points       Stuart Robertson (Ufford Park0    

​1 Point         Adam Trett (The Suffolk)
​                    Andy Goodridge (Bury Driving Range)
                    John Major
                    Ollie Rush (Haverhill)
                    Phil Westley (Hintlesham)


Order of Merit (Sweep) 2015/16 Season Final Positions

Order of Merit (Sweep) Final Positions after the End of Season Meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 24th March 2016



210 Points     Tom Martin*  (Felixstowe Ferry) 


208 Points     Sam Forgan* (Stowmarket)
                      Ady Barham  (Stowmarket)


207 Points    John Kennedy (Haverhill)
                     Ben Sayers (Felixstowe Ferry)


206 Points    Andy Fish  (Haverhill)
​                     ​Dean Fairweather (Bury Driving Range)

205 Points    Ash Hammond (Hintlesham)
                     Nikki Spong  (Hintlesham) 

204 Points     Keith Rooney* (Stowmarket)
                      Nick Forsyth  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                      Roger Toone  (Stoke-by-Nayland)

203 Points     Paul Bartlett  (Haverhill)
                      Jason Finbra  (Halesworth)

202 Points    Les Norman  (Stoke-by-Nayland) 


201 Points     Paul Samain  (Ufford Park)
                      Richard Walters (Diss)

200 Points     Graham Vandervord  (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                      Alex Davey  (Stowmarket)
                      Paul Presland (Stowmarket)
                      Trevor Golton  (Stowmarket)


 * Includes deductions for winning or being placed last Season.




Professional Order of Merit 2015/16

Professional Order of Merit after the End of Season Meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 24th March 2016


!st                       48 Points

Sam Forgan (Stowmarket)  

2nd                     15 Points

Rob Pritchard (Cretingham)

3rd                      14 Points

Dean Fairweather (Bury Driving Range)

​4th                       12 Points

Tim Cooper  (Newton Green)

5th                       10 Points

Alex Davey  (Stowmarket)

6th                        9 Points

Phil Westley (Hintlesham)

7th                     6 Points

John Major (Unattached)

=8th                      5 Points

Patrick Spraggs  (Woodbridge)

Matt Ransome  (Waldringfield)

10th                      4 Points

Daniel Skriabin  (Ufford Park)

11th                      3 Points

Andrew Robinson  (Southwold)

​12th                      2 Points            

Mark Farrow (Diss)

​13th                     1 Point

Stuart Robertson



Final Positions 2014/15 (Sweep)

Order of Merit Annual Sweep 2014/15 - End of Season Results

After the meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 26th March 2015

215 Points     Keith Rooney (Stowmarket)
212 Points     Sam Forgan (Stowmarket)
210 Points     Danny Barton (Waldringfield)
                      Tom Martin (Felixstowe Ferry)                      
208 Points     Simon Wiggins (Waldringfield)
206 Points     Graham Vandervord (Stoke-by-Nayland)
205 Points     Chris Briggs (Haverhill) 
                      Simon Cousins (Haverhill)
                      Malcolm Robinson (Haverhill)
204 Points    Martin Mansfield (Haverhill)
203 Points    John Smith (Stoke-by-Nayland)
202 Points    Roger Toone (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                     Dave Simpkin (Haverhill)
                     John Williams (Stoke-by-Nayland)
                     Trevor Holley (Stowmarket)
201 Points     Reg Clayden (Waldringfield)
                      Steve Coonan (Woodbridge)
                      Ian Pope (Felixstowe)
                      Roy Ross (Waldringfield)
200 Points     Graham Head (Stoke-by-Nayland)

Final Positions 2014/15 (Professionals)

Professional Order of Merit 2014/15 - End of Season Results

 After the meeting at Haverhill on Thursday 26th March 2015

41 Points    Danny Barton (Waldringfield)
25 Points    Sam Forgan (Stowmarket)
9 Points      Jack Cardy (Hintlesham)
                   Patrick Spraggs (Woodbridge)
8 Points     Dean fairweather (Bury Driving Range)

7 Points    Tim Cooper (Newton Green)
                 Max Hemson (Newton Green)
                 Neil Mitchell (Bury Driving Range)
6 Points    Josh King
                 Rob Pritchard (Cretingham)
5 Points    Joe Cardy (Hintlesham)

4 Points    Paul Wilby (Haverhill)

3 Points    Andrew Robinson (Southwold)
                 Mark Farrow (Diss)

2 Points    
                 Stuart Robertson (Ufford Park)
                 Tony Dobson (Stonham Barns)


Final Positions 2013/14 Sweep

Order of Merit Annual Sweep 2013-14 - End of Season Results
Best five scores over the Season to count.

(Note: * Players with deductions for winning, and places last season)

After the Haverhill Meeting on Thursday 27th March 2014:-

Steve Gray (Hintlesham) 208 Points
Howard Foster (Stoke-by-Nayland)

Roger Gardiner (Stoke-by-Nayland) 207

Bill Darling (Stowmarket) 205 Points

Glen Davis (Waldringfield) 202 Points

Alan Cunningham (Newton Green) 201 Points

John Smith (Stoke-by-Nayland) 200 Points
James Tyler (Ipswich)
Gary Borthwick (Stoke-by-Nayland)

Graham Vandervord (Stoke-by-Nayland) 199 Points
Martyn Valentine (Waldringfield)
Simon Cousins (Haverhill)

Danny Barton (FGC) 198 Points
Keith Rooney (Stowmarket)
Paul Wilby (Haverhill)

Gareth Morgan (Brett Vale) 197 Points
Ian Wheeldon* (Felixstowe Ferry)

Chris Briggs (Haverhill) 196 Points
G.Staples (Felixstowe Ferry)
Dennis Harkness (Haverhill)


Final Positions 2013/14 Professionals

Professional Order of Merit 2013-14 End of Season Results
After the Haverhill Meeting on Thursday 27th March 2014

Mark Farrow (Diss) 36 Points

Danny Barton (Felixstowe Golf Centre) 34 Points

Neil Mitchell (Bury D.R.) 31 Points

Tim Cooper (Newton Green) 30 Points

Paul Wilby (Haverhill) 25 Points
Sam Forgan (Stowmarket)

Adam Trett (Bury D.R.) 17 Points

Ollie Rush (Haverhill) 12 Points

Hugo Dobson (Woodbridge) 7 Points

Josh King (Waldringfield) 5 Points
Gary Kitley (Rookery Park)

Ed Garrard (Rookery Park) 4 Points
Stuart Robertson (Ufford Park)

Kevin Earp (Bury D.R.) 2 Points
Alex Lucas (Waldringfield)
Tony Dobson (Stonham Barns)